Additional Services by Coast To Coast Leather & Vinyl

Perforation Services

Coast to Coast Leather & Vinyl® recently announced the introduction of their leather, vinyl and suede perforation services, available in the most popular perforation types in the automotive industry.

This translates into big benefits to our customers, like:

  • Same day shipping on all orders. No more week-long turnaround times!
  • Enhance Air Circulation and Breathability with Leather Perforations!
  • Our whole inventory is available for perforation, even vinyl or suede.
  • Have your own material? We’ll perforate it for you!
  • We also carry Radar, Mezzo and Ford Mini Square perforations.
  • Measurements are horizontal, from edge of hole to edge of hole. NOT from the center of hole.

Embossed Leather

Embossed Leather’s Characteristics The embossing process involves the utilization of highly decorative plates that raise the hides surface. We apply these patterns to full grain leather hides. These plates are uniquely patterned and are available in a wide variety of designs. Use the menu to the left to explore our selection.


  • Get exactly what you want:
    Any color and pattern can be produced.
  • Get just what you need:
    With a half hide minimum per order.
  • Get it quickly:
    Benefit from a short 15-20 working days turnaround time in all embossing jobs.



From the

Imagination ™

The Imagination™ Leather Line is a fine selection of South German suedes that have exceptional softness and beauty. There is also the option to have these designs on synthetic suedes. These suedes extend beyond the scope of standard production and are available in a vast array of patterns and finishes through a proprietary Italian process. Tested for light industrial use, the delicate finishes and patterns believe to be that of eccentric strength and nuance comparable to the properties of natural suede.